Full Circle for Solo Marimba (5.0 octave)

Program Notes:
The inspiration for this piece came when I heard the saying, "Everything comes 'round full circle" by several people in a short period of time. Full Circle is based on that saying.

The piece has three main sections; the opening section begins with a three bar statement that is taken on a wild journey of variations. After the middle chorale section, the opening statement returns for its second journey. There are many motives and circular gestures that overlap to create interplay amongst the voices. These small circles should be given a light emphasis so they are "felt but not heard" by the audience.

Performance Notes:
Mallet choice should create a dark but articulate sound on the marimba.  
The chorale section (measures 76-111) may be improvised using motives from the entire piece.


Recording by Robert Zolnowski  

Price: Available for purchase from Mostlymarimba.com, or other print music retailers