for solo Marimba (4.5 octave low F)
dedicated to Benjamin Berry

by Robert Zolnowski

Published by TAPSPACE publications

Program Notes: People often have preconceived ideas about how and when major life milestones will occur. Preconception explores the anticipation of these milestones. While composing this piece, I reflected on the excitement of transitioning to college, planning a wedding, buying a house, and starting a family, but I also contemplated the numerous other emotions that come with these events—impatience, nervousness, trepidation, or fear.

The music imparts a sense of rushing to suggest impatience and excitement. Dissonance and silence in the music portray the feelings of nervousness, trepidation, and fear. A reflective section is followed by the original motives stated in rapid succession to mimic the fast pace of adult life.

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