Turmoil Sketches for Solo Vibraphone (Malletech Love Vibe)

Program Notes:
This piece is an exploration of inner turmoil. Included sketches (I. Boredom, II. Denial, III. Regret, IV. Anxiety, V. Paranoia) are based on states of mind, stages of grief, and pathological conditions. Each movement is an exploration of a mental state and is not necessarily intended to create the associated state of mind for the listener.

Performance Notes:
All "X" noteheads in the vibraphone staff indicate mallet dampening.

Mallet suggestions:
I. Boredom: Medium
II. Denial: Medium
III: Regret: Very Soft Marimba Mallets
IV: Anxiety: Medium-Hard to Hard
V: Paranoia: Medium-Hard to Hard

This piece is intended for performance on the Malletech Love Vibe. However, if a Love Vibe is unavailable, it is possible to perform on a standard vibraphone with a motor. Some creativity will be required to perform some of the sound effects. For example, try to perform the crescendos by grasping the band that controls the fans and gradually opening them. For effects such as ad.lib shutters and steady vibe, perform with the motor on at an appropriate speed.


I. Boredom

II. Denial

III. Regret

IV. Anxiety

V. Paranoia

Recording by Robert Zolnowski.

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